July 11, 2020

This year isn't going as planned, is it? Is anyone out there who could stand up and say, "Yep! 2020 is my year"? Any takers?

There is a virus in the world, infecting and killing people; economies are crashing in most countries, businesses shutting down, job cuts, borders closing, lockdowns. Life hasn't been the same since March 2020.

I have been working from home since then, and while I am now...

January 22, 2019

With each passing day, we are getting older and it is only fair to desire a good life for ourselves. Filled with happiness and adventures. I like to believe the 20s are the most exciting years. Everyone's usually done with college and all set to take on the world, with their newly attained adulthood license. We are young and so full of energy, ideas, dreams. While great things can happen even...

December 30, 2018

Let's get this straight first. Another title for this piece could be "Why You Should Do Things Alone". But I think I want to put the focus more on overcoming the hesitation to do things solo, rather than giving a laundry list of reasons on how alone-time can benefit you. At the risk of making a fallacy, I would like to assume you already know why spending more time alone is good for you and y...

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