13 Things You Must Do Before You Turn 30

With each passing day, we are getting older and it is only fair to desire a good life for ourselves. Filled with happiness and adventures. I like to believe the 20s are the most exciting years. Everyone's usually done with college and all set to take on the world, with their newly attained adulthood license. We are young and so full of energy, ideas, dreams. While great things can happen even after our 30th birthdays, the 20s in a way, shape up how we eventually turn out in future. And hence, it is important that I break it to you:


Hear me out: I do love to-do lists and weekly/monthly planners. I am very organized as a person. I am that lady who goes to the supermarket with a list in her hand. And I already know what I want to do in next few months. Until last year, I had a bucket list and made new-year resolutions. But I had come to realize they were a big source of discontentment for me. They had became a constant reminder that I was slacking behind my plans and life was not as I wanted it to be. Any moment not spent towards them, felt like a moment not worth it. Imagine how sad these thoughts can make anyone! At first, it looked like my lazy habits and lack of motivation were the problems. They probably were. But only 50% to be accounted for. The concept of bucket list and resolutions is flawed in itself. Essentially, because of the way we decide which things go onto these lists. Just like I lured you into opening this blog on my must-dos in the 20s, the internet is filled with such articles. 25 things you must do before you die, 10 things to try in your 20s. We all have fallen pray to the bloody listicles. Now tell me, how is it okay for some other person to tell you what you "must" do before you die?

I am not completely against bucket lists. It is in fact, a great way of take initiatives and keep ourselves excited for new adventures and experiences. But if you build a list with unrealistic goals, taken from these articles on the internet, the aftermath can be disastrous. It could become a reminder of all the things you haven't done yet and are left to accomplish.

So for 2019, I have no bucket list or resolutions. No 13 things I must do before I turn 30. I only have a vision and I will work my way out to get there. The little details do not matter. As long as I am working towards it everyday. But yes I do have promises, I have made to myself for 2019 and years to come.

I will BE HAPPY.

Things need not always matter or contribute to the greater goal. Anything I do, I should be happy. That is the essence of all.


Halfway through last year, I was disappointed in myself for not keeping up with my resolutions. But it dawned upon me that they were things, others expected me to do. I was only trying to please or prove myself to others. Well, fuck it. Ain't playing that game anymore.


Bucket lists and resolutions are very future-focused. We are only looking at "What's next?" all the time. How about looking back at things we have accomplished? At how far we have come in life. And most importantly, be thankful for both the good and the bad.


One good thing about being in my 20s is I can make mistakes. I am still learning. I am new to paying bills, managing my money, balancing work and love life. This is just the start of our adulthoods. And, there is enough room to take risks and screw up.


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