A Lazy Person's Guide to Staying Fit 101

Yes, you have read that correctly. You can be your lazy self and yet, manage to work out regularly and meet your fitness goals. I have all rights to write on this topic, not because I am the fittest person in the room (I have just started!), but because I was a very lazy person who procrastinated the whole "Join Gym" situation for a year and a half. I could only change that, somewhere mid of 2018 and while I still have those days when my only agenda for the day is to stay in bed, I have been consistent and passionate about being fit and strong.

Here's how:


The biggest hurdle in any fitness journey is the start, itself. And that is completely normal. For anyone, it is difficult to change or break a habit. In this case, it would be the habit of procrastination, derived from lethargy or let's just call it, good old laziness. There will be days of endless postponing and you might hear yourself making excuses like "Do I even need a gym membership? I am alright." Mine were more around the fear of embarrassment, because I barely knew anything about fitness, let alone what to eat, wear and how to use the machines at the gym. The entire idea of me working out regularly, scared me and felt uncomfortable, mainly because, I had never done this before. It seemed like a drag, even before I started. But, whatever might be your motivation to work out - to get toned, stay in shape or to lose weight - DO IT! JUST DO IT!!!!!!

I mean, there is no better way to put this across. Just fucking go for it. Take the goddamn plunge. Go for that one trial class, you have been thinking about and believe me, you will figure it out if you need this or not, soon after. Or just buy yourself a good pair of shoes and start walking more or running regularly. Whatever format or routine suits you, once you take the first step, it is all easy-peasy and sweet after that.


Now that you have started exercising/working out, how do you stay motivated and build it into a habit?

For me, it has really helped to be surrounded by friends who are into working out as much as me, maybe even more. I have a set of lovely friends who kept me up to speed with it. They go to a different centre but essentially, it is the same brand. As we talked about it more, discussed and shared how a session went, which trainer is better etc., what I thought would be a drag, became fun. I think, we all keep each other motivated to choose a healthy lifestyle. Our Sunday dinners are much healthier now and I love Zumba classes with my bestie! There was a time when I would be the only one eating a large food item from the menu - both in size and calories. That had to change, right? To be very honest, they joined the gym much before me and I kind of, got tired of hearing about it from them. Lol, just kidding! Whatever may be the reasons, my friends got me to start and stay in the gym.

Having people who have similar lifestyle, fitness habits or goals, around you, can be very motivating and supportive in this journey.


All of us have bad habits and if you are a smart person, you would know how to make good use of them - driving positive outcomes, out of these weaknesses. I will give the examples of two of mine: first is my social media addiction. I shall save you the details, probably for another time. As per my phone's stats, I have spent 23 hours, 46 minutes on social networking in last seven days, which is almost a full day's time! And, 15 hours were spent on Instagram. That is a fair amount of time out of my life, for a week. Hence what I have done is - I started following a lot of fitness gurus and pages on Instagram. So now when I wake up and open it first thing in the morning, I see contents which actually get me excited for my workouts. And I never miss a chance to add a post-workout selfie to my Instagram stories.

Sharing my journey with people on social media adds a sense of accountability and makes it harder for me to slip up. It might seem like the wrong kind of motivation but hey, I am getting fitter and stronger by the day.

The second, is shopping - useless, needless shopping. What I have been doing these days is, I buy workout clothes and activewears whenever I feel the urge to go out and shop. Again, that really gets me excited and keeps me going. I am still spending my money on things I might not really need, but at least, now the outcome is good.


This shall be a one-liner : Decide on which days you want to be lazy and which days you want to hit it hard at the gym or do your bit of regular exercise. I usually prefer having a view of how my week looks like, at the beginning of one and plan my sessions, accordingly. That way, I am able to make time for other things in life too, and give my body, the rest and recovery it needs.

Staying on top of the health game is no walk in the park and it requires so much of one's energy, effort and time. But it is also important to remember that, if you fail to keep up with the plan, it is alright. There is only so much one can do in a day. I have realized, ever since I started working out, I find less time to read. Something else must take a back-seat. Depending on what you need the most at that point in life, pick a priority and focus on it. And if it is your health and wellbeing, hope this blog helped you.

It is all about breaking the old habits, building new good ones and using the bad ones to drive more of the good.

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